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For whom?

My approach is suitable for anyone who:

  • Want to quit dieting : If you're tired of dieting all the time, losing weight and gaining weight, and you long for a sustainable, non-restrictive way of eating.

  • Longing for freedom : If you are looking for freedom around food, where you listen to your body and enjoy foods without guilt.

  • Want to listen to the body : If you are interested in developing a deeper connection with your body and want to learn to listen to the signals of hunger, satiety and taste preferences.

  • Striving for self-acceptance : If you struggle with self-image and self-acceptance and are looking for a way to love yourself, regardless of your weight or appearance.

  • Looking for long-lasting change : If you are ready for a lasting change in your relationship with food and your body, focusing on your emotional well-being and improving your self-confidence.

What is intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is an anti-diet method developed by dietitians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. It is a weight-neutral model that is scientifically substantiated with more than 125 studies. This method is all about respecting your health by listening to your inner signals, such as hunger, satiety and satisfaction.


In my practice, IM-ME, I guide clients in restoring their relationship with food and body, and developing a healthy, non-restrictive approach to eating. Self-care, understanding and respect for all bodies are central to Intuitive Eating.



Basic insurance can reimburse 3 hours of consultations for nutritional advice. The deductible is always addressed first. If you have additional insurance, more hours may be reimbursed.

With guidance, you must initially pay for the consultations yourself, after which you can submit the invoices to your health insurer.

Do you want me to reimburse the guidance? Please first contact your health insurer to find out how much reimbursement you can expect and whether a referral letter is required. I do not work with specific insurers. In general, 70-100% of the rate set by the insurer is reimbursed.

Intuitive eating trajectory rates

Rates for individual sessions:

Coaching session of 30 minutes: €40

Coaching session of 1 hour: €80

Coaching session of 1.5 hours: € 120

2-hour coaching session: €160

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After registration, you will receive an online questionnaire from me, so that we can both prepare for our first conversation.

We then schedule an appointment in my practice or online, where we can further discuss your eating habits, body image, previous dieting experiences and emotional relationship with food.

During our sessions I explain the principles of intuitive eating to you. You will learn how to respect your body signals, such as hunger, satiety and satisfaction, and how to break free from restrictive eating habits.


We will work with self-reflection exercises to make you aware of your eating behavior and emotions surrounding food.

Together we also explore the signals your body gives you.

We'll also work on reintroducing foods you may have considered 'forbidden'. I will encourage you to try these foods without guilt and listen to your body to see how they affect you.

Throughout our time together I will provide ongoing support and check-ins. We can tailor our approach to your needs, and I will encourage you to continue to be kind and compassionate to yourself.

Together we will work to develop a healthy relationship with food and your body.

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