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For whom?

I don't believe in standard BMIs or other fixed entry values. My door is open to anyone who is willing to work on themselves and overcome fears.

Although I would like to help everyone, it is important to emphasize that outpatient counseling is not suitable for everyone. Sometimes it may be that someone is not stable enough for this form of support at the moment.

Together we look at the options and find the best approach that suits the unique journey to recovery.

Waiting times

On average, waiting times at mental health institutions and clinics vary from a few weeks to a few months. Often due to staff shortages and too few places. On average, you have to wait 10 weeks for help, but in practice this can sometimes take months to a year.

Unfortunately, there are significant cuts in youth care, resulting in too few specialist treatments being purchased. The long waiting times are worrying. It is important that help is provided as quickly as possible, the sooner help comes, the greater the chance of recovery.

To bridge this time, interim help from independent practices, care providers or agencies can be useful. They often do not have long waiting lists, so you will get the help you are looking for in the meantime. You can always talk to your doctor, who can help you provide other forms of help or support if you have to wait a long time.



I work with ISA Power for help with eating problems


You will receive 10 coaching sessions of approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on your needs. During these sessions we go through the steps of the workbook and the online portal. After these 10 sessions you have the option to book additional coaching sessions if you want to continue your progression.

Our offering includes various programs, including HAPPY FLOW, BEAT IT 4 KIDS, BEAT IT NOW and BOUNCE BACK. In practice, however, we see that not all programs are directly applicable, which is why we also offer customization. We have the BUDDY UP program especially for parents.

During the coaching sessions we discuss the exercises from the workbook and you focus on the topics that are important to you. We also use additional exercises, such as breathing exercises, mindfulness, influences of drama and haptotherapy, systemic work and voice dialogue, to provide you with extra support. With my background in dietetics, I also look at the nutritional approach and we work with eating guidelines and flexible lists and together we investigate what suits you best at that moment.

gain weight requirement eating disorder clinic intuitive eating Nijmegen gain weight dietitian expert christian
ISApower programma's behandeling eetstoornis eetprobleem ervaringsprofessional coach diëtist Nijmegen

Personal Budget (PGB)

Reimbursement is possible through a Personal Budget (PGB), so our help remains accessible to more people. For more information look here !


An application can take between 6 and 8 weeks.

If you want help quickly, you can at least get started quickly. If you are not immediately able to pay these amounts, we can work with you to find a suitable solution (for example an installment payment).

The uninsured self-employed contribution is deductible from taxable income as a personal deduction. Read more here .


Rates for individual sessions for you, your family and other allies:

Coaching session of 30 minutes: €50

1 hour coaching session: €100

Coaching session of 1.5 hours: € 140

2-hour coaching session: €180

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